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Workshop on Creative & Innovation Industry for Overseas Entrepreneurs promoted numerous business opportunities successfully
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The "Workshop on Creative & Innovation Industry for Overseas Entrepreneurs 2017" and an investment symposium will be held exclusively for Taiwanese compatriot businessmen by the Overseas Community Affairs Council of the Republic of China (OCAC), with totally 35 compatriot participants and representatives from 14 local companies attending the event. Numerous business opportunities had been promoted successfully.
The New Southbound Policy, which is now being promoting actively by the government, aims to expand and deepen the cultural and commercial collaborating relations between Taiwan and other countries from the Southeast Pacific Area, including the ASEAN countries, Australia and New Zealand. On the other hand, the authority also attends to improve the industrial environment for those newly founded business to develop. 7 industries were chosen to be key development projects in order to boost the interior industrial growth for the next generation, including the Asia Silicon Valley project, smart-machinery, eco-tech industry, biomedical industry, arms industry, modern agriculture and circular economy, and the plan has been renamed as the "5+2 Project".
According to the OCAC, the government also provides credit guarantee fund to help compatriot businessmen get financial support and investments from banks.
This Workshop is well organized and worked out successfully. It gave those participants a chance to fully understand the current status of Taiwanese creative industry and the financial environment, connected them with local business, created opportunities and future collaborations by arranging industrial visits to those top flight companies and investment forum.
The Symposium on International Cooperation on Creative & Innovation Industry and General Assembly