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2017 Overseas Workshop on Franchise and Startups
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The "2017 Overseas Workshop on Franchise and Startups" was held by the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) from March 13th to 18th, 2017.Through this workshop program, OCAC was able to help on boosting franchising business opportunities as well as introducing outstanding franchise corporations to international market.  
During the program, several executives from famous franchise enterprises were invited to the event to speech on topics such as 「The Business Strategy of Chian Stores from Taiwan to abroad」、「The Challenge and breakthrough for the Development of Chain Brands」、「International Trend of Chain Brands Development」. The workshop also visited several leading companies including Chin-Chin Wedding, Sun Spark Group, Mr.Wish, Honya Group etc. 
Otherwise, on March 15th and 17th , two business matching events were conducted with total of 16 prestigious companies from the industry, including Bubble Z, Kaito Ramen, Kung Fu Tea, Waffle Waffle, La Morning, LoHass, Super Qin Group etc. In this business matching event, all participants interacted enthusiastically and were pleased with the positive outcomes.
From preliminary statistics, 12 workshop participants of the two business matching events are interested in 21 business items, including restaurant business, food raw materials and restaurant brunch business, etc., the total accumulated of investment is amounting to NTD one hundred and forty-five million.
OCAC hosted the opening ceremony.
Group pictures.
Lectures on franchise and startups.
Lectures on franchise and startups.
Lectures on franchise and startups.
Lectures on franchise and startups.
Workshop participants visit Kili-Bay.
Workshop participants visit Chin-Chin Wedding.
Workshop participants visit Sun Spark Group.
Workshop participants visit Honya Group.
Workshop participants visit Mr. Wish.
Workshop participants visit Easyway.
Business matching event in Taichung.
Business matching event in Taipei.
The closing ceremony and general discussion.
The closing ceremony
Workshop participants visit 2017 Teipei Internationl Chain and Franchise Exhibition.
Consultans express and introduce the Exhibition.