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Thousands of audience in America and Canada were overwhelmed by two art troupes sent by OCAC
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National Taiwan University of Sport and Formosa Circus Art attracted thousands of people enjoying their excellent performance.
From May 3 to May 20, the two art troupes, "National Taiwan University of Sport," and "Formosa Circus Art" which are sent by Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) for celebrating Taiwanese American Heritage Week & Asian Heritage Month in Canada, had given their performance in Newton, Montreal, Detroit, Chicago, Gainesville, Atlanta, Raleigh, Rockville, Twin Cities, Saskatoon, Bellevue, Portland, San Francisco, Milpitas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Los Angeles, and attracted over 27 thousand Taiwanese, mainstream politicians and citizens enjoying their performance. These two art troupes will continually give their performance in Indianapolis, Manhattan, Honolulu, Orange, San Diego and New Orleans by the end of May. For more detail of performing information, please contact Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.