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"2016 Business Administration Workshop for Overseas Entrepreneurs" Program Summary Press Release
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OCAC Director Tsung-Li Hsieh joined trainees for a photo
"Marketing, Management, and Consumer Behavior" held on July 18
Themed discussion on July 19: "From Dream-Making to Business-Building, Teamwork is What Makes Things Work"
A visit to Asia Neo Tech Industrial Co.,LTD on July 20
A visit to Namchow Group on July 20
"International Business Administration" held on July 21
A visit to Aromate Industries Co., Ltd on July 22
A visit to Oderbau Furniture on July 22
"Strategic Marketing and Value Management" held on July 23
A cultural tour to Pinglin on July 26
Meet-and-greet for business relationship development on July 27
"The World as my Coffeehouse" on July 27
Leader and deputy leader presented a souvenir to OCAC, with Vice Minister Leu accepting the gift
Department of Overseas Chinese Business Deputy Director-General Li-Ying Lai (middle in front row) joined trainees for a photo
In a bid to help overseas entrepreneurs keep taps on trending management knowhow, and encourage greater exchange and alliances between the entrepreneurs and business ventures in Taiwan that pave the way for effective teamwork and business expansion projects, OCAC hosted "2016 Business Administration Workshop for Overseas Entrepreneurs" that took place between July 18 and 29. The workshop was graced by 25 participants from 10 countries across the world. 

In addition to a stellar assemble of veteran lecturers of Mini MBA courses, the workshop also included a number of visits to flagship business establishments in Taiwan. A tour to Pinglin in New Taipei City was arranged for the trainees to learn more about Taiwan's vibrant cultural and creative economies. Meanwhile, meet-and-greets with several noted business ventures were set up to enable talks on possible partnerships and exchange activities. Trainees were grouped into several teams to give presentations about what they learned. 

The intensive two-week program concluded on July 29 in a closing ceremony and a productive roundtable session, chaired by OCAC Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu. Leu noted that besides empowering overseas entrepreneurs with management skills and professional knowhow, the workshop was created for building friendships. He encouraged trainees to stay in touch after the workshop ended, and explore possible opportunities for joint-ventures. Leu also urged trainees to work with the government's New South Bound Policies (encompassing talent incubation, financing, and technologies), and survey new territories for small-and-medium enterprises in Taiwan. Leader of the trainee delegation, Lin Hui-yi, thanked OCAC for a wonderful program. She pointed out that in addition to learning useful management knowhow, workshop participants also successfully established new ties, and they would work to stay in contact after returning to their places of residence.