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A Summary of 2016 Muslim Market Invitational Tour A Summary
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OCAC's Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu (fifth individual from the left) photographed with all the participants of the 2016 Muslim Market Invitational Tour.
In a bid to assist enterprises in Taiwan to tap into the business potential of the Muslim market, effectively promote business exchange opportunities between Taiwanese entrepreneurs devoted to the Muslim market and Taiwan's local business establishments, the 2016 Muslim Market Invitational Tour was held accordingly. The tour aimed at encouraging a greater understanding of quality "Made-In-Taiwan" merchandise among the entrepreneurs, and establishing a Halal business exchange platform so as to facilitate a greater presence in the Muslim world for Taiwanese businesses, OCAC hosted the 2016 Muslim Market Invitational Tour between June 20 and 24. The tour was participated by 22 overseas Taiwanese businessmen from six countries worldwide. 
  The tour featured themed discussions, symposiums to support business exchange opportunities, plus visits to Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association(THIDA), Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), and a tour to 2016 FOOD TAIPEI. In addition, the participants also stopped by at Biozyme Biotechnology Corp., Taiwan Fructose Co., LTD, and Grape King Bio Corp - all of these firms have been recognized with the HALAL certification as top-performing businesses. The exchange activities bustled with much energy and interest among participants.  
    A closing ceremony for the tour was held on June 24, and hosted by OCAC's Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu, who stated that the government has made the development of the Muslim market a business priority, and is hoping to partner with overseas Taiwanese businessmen in the Muslim community worldwide to explore possible business prospects. Taiwan is noted for its friendliness toward Muslims and Islamic culture. Leu concluded by noting that in addition to business partnerships, he also encouraged these businessmen to travel across the island and get their fill of Taiwan's unforgettable sights and sounds.