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OCAC holds two explanatory meetings to help startups expand overseas business opportunities
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Minister Wu pictured with startup representatives
Minister Wu (stood) explaining the matters that the OCAC can assist with to startup representatives
Startup representatives keenly expressed their opinions
In support of the government policy of speeding up investment in Taiwan and to effectively utilize the extensive network of connections it has built up over many years, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) held the first Domestic Startup Overseas Business Opportunity Promotion Explanatory Meeting on February 9. The two sessions attracted 62 startups in all.

The OCAC invited the National Development Council (NDC), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Office of Trade Negotiations, Executive Yuan and Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund and other units to take part in the discussion meetings, the aim being to help startups expand business opportunities by integrating government resources.

The meetings were chaired by OCAC Minister Wu Hsin-hsing who stated that the OCAC has, for a long time, served overseas compatriot and Taiwanese businesses and has accumulated a substantial network of connections which will be the best foundation on which to assist startups. With regard expansion of overseas business locations, capital or other needs, startups have a chance to gain new business opportunities through this OCAC matching platform!

Wu stressed that this year the OCAC plans to handle 14 invest-in-Taiwan visiting groups and host several dozen overseas compatriot and Taiwanese business visiting groups; visits to startups and business opportunity matching activities will be arranged for participants. Also, the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce and World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce will hold large scale annual meetings in Taiwan and startup business opportunity matching activities will also be arranged during these events, to encourage Taiwanese businesses to bring capital and connections back to Taiwan and help everyone find a way forward overseas.

With regard suggestions put forward by startup representatives, Wu stated that the two explanatory meetings allowed the OCAC to collect initial suggestions from attendees. After the information is sorted, the resources of the NDC, MOEA, Office of Trade Negotiations, Executive Yuan and other related government resources will be used to quickly plan matching events involving overseas compatriot and Taiwanese businesses to help everyone expand or create overseas markets.