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The Delegation of Overseas Compatriot Engineers visited Taiwan from July 22 to 27
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The delegation of overseas compatriot engineers, which included 17 overseas professional engineers from 8 countries around the world visited Taiwan from July 22 to 27.

The delegation visited the OCAC on July 23. In addition, the delegation arranged to meet with Legislative Yuan, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Development Council, Institute for Information Industry, Academia Sinica, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, National Space Organization, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute and the Brain Science Research Center of National Tsing Hua University. These visits let the members understand the development of Taiwan's science and technology.

Use its professionalism and influence in the mainstream society of the country of residence to attract more overseas Chinese professionals to provide professional skills to reward Taiwanese society.

OCAC urged all the attendees to disseminate OCAC's endeavor and contribution towards all overseas communities with other oversea compatriots, when they return to their countries of residence, attracting more overseas engineers to provide technology to Taiwan.
OCAC Vice Minister Leu photographed with the members of the delegation