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U.S. Weapons Sales to Taiwan, What's Up Taiwan – News at 14:00, April 20, 2024

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In today's show:
- U.S. Lawmakers Propose Making Weapons in Taiwan
- China Opens New Flight Routes Near Taiwan Strait Median Line
- China Imposes Tariffs on Taiwanese Polycarbonates
- North Korea Reports Two New Missile Tests
- Voting Booth Ransacked as India Goes to the Polls
- Solomon Islands Pro-China Leader Retains Government Seat
- Taiwan Industries Look to Technology for Green Transition
- Kaohsiung Sewage Plant To Start Producing Hydropower
- Plum, Bamboo Yields Down Due to Drought and Hot Weather
- At Least 69 Dead in Pakistan Flooding
- Young People in Taichung Preserve City's Historic Charm

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