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Get rid of the Mess! Renovate the Riverside of Taipei City! Upgraded Signs Now Available

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Construction of Bai Ling Right 2
Upgraded Signs Now Available
A new Signs system makes things different

#New Signs System Renovates the Riverside of Taipei City

Say Goodbye to the Messy and Confusing Signs ~

New Signs System for Riverside of Taipei City is now online!  


A new Signs system makes things different. 

-Clearly conveyed, improved directions, and easily found destinations.

 -Easily positioned; set up one bicycle lane mileage position every 500 meters.

-Safety protection, clear positioning, easy access in case of emergency.

-Optimize landscape, reduce Signs, integrate Signs with landscape.

-Aesthetics design, incorporating aesthetics to improve the design quality of the Signs.


! The Signs system is more than just a guide; we also hope to present a new image of Riverside Park through this integration!


Signs Update Includes:

-Left and right banks of Waishuang Creek

-Right bank of Tamsui River

-Xindian River

-Left and right banks of Jingmei River



Upgrades have also been made to the Yingfeng Riverside Park and the Meiti Riverside Park.

-Removed more than 100 unnecessary billboards for a cleaner environment.

-Added signs on prohibited items at the riverside to keep order in the park.

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