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Reviving Japan’s Chips Industry, TaiwanPlus News – 18:00, February 26, 2024

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Taiwanese chip giant TSMC has opened its first Japanese fab, with high expectations for its joint venture JASM in Kumamoto Prefecture. China has stepped up patrols around Taiwan's Kinmen Islands as tensions remain high over the deaths of two Chinese nationals in an encounter with Taiwan's coast guard. And Tuvalu has named a new prime minister following an election closely watched for its implications for the Pacific nation's diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Also:
- Taiwan's Cabinet building has been designated a "site of historical injustice" due to its role in the country's martial law era.
- Lantern Festival, which represents the conclusion of the Lunar New Year, has been celebrated across Taiwan with fireworks, dragon dances and sky lanterns.
- Kaoshiung has said goodbye to the two giant rubber duck art installations that have graced its Love River for the past few weeks.

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