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Record Chinese Military Activity, TaiwanPlus News – 18:00, September 18, 2023

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Taiwan's defense ministry says it detected 103 Chinese military aircraft operating close to the country in a 24-hour period, a new record. The presidential candidate for Taiwan's main opposition Kuomintang, Hou Yu-ih, made an effort to woo potential voters among New York's Taiwanese community while on a weeklong visit to the U.S. And a police raid on a tea farm in central Taiwan suspected of employing undocumented workers led to serious injuries to two people who tried to flee the authorities. Also:
- Staś Butler reports from India on one of the tech companies earmarked by the country's government to lead their push for semiconductor independence.
- Laurel Stewart goes in deep with an NGO working to protect the ocean by clearing garbage while also studying coral reefs.
- A preview of some of Taiwan's medal hopefuls for this year's Asian Games, which kick off in Hangzhou, China, this weekend.

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