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DPP Sexual Harassment Case, TaiwanPlus News – 18:00, June 1, 2023

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A high-ranking member of Taiwan's ruling party has suddenly resigned after allegations that she failed to act on accusations of sexual harassment. Taiwanese investors have been the biggest losers in the collapse of a Cyprus-based investment firm, with no chance of recouping the US$3.3 billion they lost. And a look at if India could become the second country in Asia, after Taiwan, to legalize same-sex marriage. Also:
- Taiwan's ruling Democratic Progressive Party has announced a "democratic alliance" to link up with other parties and groups to challenge for election wins in tough districts.
- Startups demonstrated the latest tech innovations in the field of healthcare at Computex Taipei.
- Public sector workers in Taiwan will received a 4% pay raise from the start of next year.

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