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Deputy Minister highlights Taiwan's cultural soft power at Venice Architecture Biennale

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Deputy Minister highlights Taiwan's cultural soft power at Venice Architecture Biennale

Deputy Minister of Culture Sue Wang (王時思), accompanied by Taiwan's Representative to Italy, Vincent Y. C. Tsai (蔡允中), the Director of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Liao Jen-I (廖仁義), and Taiwan Pavilion curator Wei Tseng (曾瑋), visited the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023 on May 19, where they explored the thematic pavilion of the Biennale, "The Laboratory of the Future."

After visiting the thematic pavilion, Wang engaged in discussions with curators of national pavilions from different countries such as Japan, Germany, the UK, Hungary, and Spain. Onishi Maki (大西麻貴), the curator of the Japan Pavilion, personally guided Wang on a tour, emphasizing how their exhibition, titled "Architecture, a place to be loved," fosters a dialogue for coexistence with the environment; Curator Joseph Henry presented the British Pavilion "Dancing Before the Moon," which explores the connection between UK diaspora communities and architecture through global rituals and cultural practices. Furthermore, the curator of the Hungarian Pavilion, Mária Kondor-Szilágyi, introduced a new museum completed in 2022 in Budapest called the Museum of Ethnography, showcasing the diverse culture and landscapes of Hungary.

Wang stated that the curators from various countries demonstrated their brilliance in employing diverse media and engaging in cross-disciplinary narrative techniques. They have ingeniously condensed a variety of social and cultural topics into accessible forms, transforming them into exhibition experiences that transcend language barriers. Their remarkable storytelling abilities are highly commendable and provide valuable inspiration.

Wang attended an evening reception party at the Venice Biennale, where she had the opportunity to meet and converse with Gennaro Sangiuliano, the Minister of Culture of Italy, and Roberto Cicutto, the President of the Biennale, promoting Taiwan's cultural soft power. In addition to expressing her gratitude for the organizer's long-standing friendship and support, Wang extended an invitation to the President of the Biennale to visit the Taiwan Pavilion, with the hope of fostering further collaboration and exchange in the future.

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