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Taiwan Sovereign Wealth Fund, TaiwanPlus News – 18:00, May 25, 2023

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What would the advantages and disadvantages be for Taiwan to use its US$500 billion foreign currency reserves to set up a sovereign wealth fund? TaiwanPlus has a look. Taiwan is looking to bring in more migrant workers to work as caregivers for the country's growing senior population. But is the country as attractive to foreign workers as it may have been in the past? And scientists at Taiwan's Academia Sinica have developed a digital copy of the Earth powered by a supercomputer to simulate weather patterns in the fight against climate change. Also:
- Contractors in southern Taiwan have fallen victim to scam artists masquerading as staff at National Pingtung University.
- With Taiwan scrambling fighter jets on a daily basis to intercept Chinese incursions, residents near one air force base are being offered compensation for the extra noise.
- In part 4 of Andrew Ryan's travels on the outlying islands of Matsu, local entrepreneurs are offering new takes on the islands' traditional kaoliang liquor culture.

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