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Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung Awarded the Mt. Jade Professional Medal for his Dedication to Charity Work that Facilitates Economic and Trade Exchanges between Taiwan and Malaysia

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Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung awarded the Mt. Jade Professional Medal

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) awarded Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung with the Mt. Jade Professional Medal on August 31, 2022, as a recognition of his contributions to the overseas community in Malaysia.

Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung is a keen philanthropist who has long assisted the government in promoting overseas affairs, for which he was also awarded the title of Dato' Seri by Penang State, Malaysia in 2020, making him the first ever Malaysian-Taiwanese businessperson with the prestigious title.

In 2020, when Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung was still the then President of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Penang, he led the Chamber in donating RM 100,000 to the Penang State Government, and he himself also donated double that amount on behalf of his company to the Penang State Government. He showed strong support to the local government, backing them against the fight with the COVID pandemic and also enhanced Taiwan’s international image.

Furthermore, in 2020, 36 Taiwanese citizens, 52 Malaysians, and 6 Japanese citizens were stranded in Maldives due to border closure brought on by the COVID pandemic. In the negotiation between the four involved countries, Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung assisted our government in arranging emergency chartered flights with Air Asia so that our citizens stranded in Maldives could return home safely.

Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung has donated laptops to underprivileged students in Malaysia, and has also donated scholarships, amounting to the millions, to overseas students studying in the Overseas Youth Vocational Training School (OYVTS) in Taiwan. He is a keen supporter of the education, charity and pharmaceutical sectors, and has contributed significantly to Taiwan-Malaysia relations, overseas Mandarin education, and overseas students’ related affairs, and has proven that he is well deserving of the Mt. Jade Professional Medal.

Dato' Seri Lee Hung Lung expressed humbly his gratitude to OCAC for their recognition. He stated that, since the start of his business in Penang, he has always kept in mind his parents’ teachings to “give back to society”. He said that his parents always taught him that, the success of a person is not measured in how much wealth he has accumulated, but in how many people he has helped; and with this as his guiding principle, he will continue his dedication to promoting public diplomacy.

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