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OCAC thanks Kico Lin for scholarship donation
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Wu (third from right) presented a certificate of appreciation to Lin (third from left) to commend her contribution to overseas compatriot education and the study of overseas compatriot students in Taiwan.

Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Commissioner Kico Lin from San Francisco, USA, called on the OCAC on March 31 during her visit to Taiwan. She thereby donated US$10,000 to provide scholarships for overseas compatriot students in Taiwan, which was accepted by Minister Wu Hsing-hsin on behalf of the OCAC. Wu presented her with a certificate of appreciation to commend her contribution to overseas compatriot education and the study of compatriot students in Taiwan. Wu said that after achieving career success, Lin is dedicated to help others, manifesting the real meaning of “life success.”

Wu stated that many overseas compatriot students studying in Taiwan need financial support. He hoped that the goodwill of overseas compatriots can help them build a bright future and become a positive force of society, allowing the warmth of caring to be passed on. The OCAC will actively promote good deeds such as Lin’s to encourage more people to care for those students and reduce their financial burden when studying in Taiwan, so that they will graduate as scheduled and be helpful to the society. 

Lin said that, through the donation, she hopes to help Taiwan prosper by attracting outstanding overseas compatriot students to study in Taiwan and retain some of them to enhance its competiveness.

Lin was President of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce of North America and Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce-Northern California and is active in voluntary work.