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Kenting most popular of Taiwan's national parks
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Taipei, April 8 (CNA) Taiwan's nine national parks and one national natural park received over 22 million visitors last year, of which Kenting National Park was the most popular, attracting 25 percent of the total number of visitors.

The nine national parks are Kenting, Yushan, Yangmingshan, Taroko, Shei-Pa, Kinmen, Dongsha Atoll, Taijiang and South Penghu Marine parks, as well as Shoushan National Natural Park.

The Ministry of the Interior, which administers the parks, said that 22.91 million people visited the parks in 2016, down 5.8 million from the previous year, mainly because of a declining number of Chinese visitors and two strong typhoons -- Nepartak and Meranti -- which battered Taiwan in July and September, respectively, wrecking havoc on many areas of the parks.

Kenting National Park was the most popular of the national parks, attracting 5.84 million visitors, followed by Taroko National Park with 4.52 million visitors and Yangmingshan National Park with 4.32 million visitors.

Except for Yushan and Kinmen national parks, the number of visitors to all other parks dropped last year, with Kenting decreasing the most, down 2.22 million, followed by Taroko, down 2.08 million, and Shoushan National Natural Park, down 1.28 million.  (Courtesy of CNA)