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Leu calls on overseas compatriot students to attend the Job Fair for Southeast Asia
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Leu (middle) photographed with some participating students.
Leu (left) had fun together with the students.

The 2017 Northern Taiwan Overseas Compatriot Student Spring Activity was grandly held at Jingwen University of Science and Technology on March 25, at which around 1800 students and counselors from 40 schools met and socialized. Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu attended the event and enjoyed the foods and cultural performances from various Southeast Asia countries with the students. Amidst a bustling atmosphere, he encouraged them to attend the Job Fair for Southeast Asia that will be held in Taipei on April 15. 

Leu thanked Jingwen University of Science and Technology for organizing the event successfully. Overseas compatriot students from various schools interacted with and learned from each other, in doing so, broadening their horizons. He said that youth is the most important stage in life and “To make a splash you have to rush towards the rocks”, encouraging the students to boldly pursue their dreams and build a bright future.

He also exhorted them to take good advantage of the studying in Taiwan to lay down the foundation for their future competitiveness in the workplace. Since the OCAC cares about their career development after graduation, the second session of the Job Fair for Southeast Asia will be held at Taipei Main Station on April 15 and will attract over 120 companies from Southeast Asia, offering more than 1000 job vacancies. If overseas compatriot students wants to start a business after graduation they can apply for a low-interest loan under the guarantee of the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan).