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Permits for importing migrant workers to Taiwan extended

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Taipei, May 25 (CNA) Permits that allow Taiwanese employers to hire migrant workers will be automatically extended three months in the wake of the entry ban on foreign nationals into Taiwan, labor authorities said in a statement Tuesday.

The three-month extension applies to permits that would otherwise expire from May 19 to June 30, the statement said.

Under this provision, a permit that would have expired on May 25 will now remain valid until August 25 without an employer needing to file an extension application, according to the Workforce Development Agency.

The decision will benefit around 8,500 employers in Taiwan, the statement said.

The extension came following the imposition of a ban on the entry of foreign nationals into Taiwan on May 19, when the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) raised the nationwide COVID-19 alert to Level 3 in its four-tier system.

Only those who hold a residency permit are exempt from the travel restriction.

A permit for the recruitment of migrant workers is valid for six months after it is issued by the authorities, unless an employer applies for an extension.

An automatic permit extension was previously introduced last December, when the CECC temporarily barred Indonesian migrant workers from entering Taiwan due to a surge in COVID-19 cases in the Southeast Asian nation.

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