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CORONAVIRUS/Taiwan Taxi launches food delivery service

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Photo courtesy of Taiwan Taxi
Taipei, May 25 (CNA) A major taxi company in Taiwan is now offering food delivery services to help meet growing demand driven by changing lifestyles amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it said Tuesday.

Taiwan Taxi Co. said customers can first contact its partnering restaurants to place orders, then the restaurants can call the taxi fleet's customer service to arrange deliveries.

The company said its 22,000 drivers nationwide can deliver food from restaurants, including high-end ones, to people who are working from home or in office so that they can avoid going outside.

Employers who wish to order meals in bulk for their workers can also take advantage of the taxi delivery service, according to Taiwan Taxi Chief Operating Officer Chou Heng-lun.

With the new food delivery service via taxi, people can enjoy fine dining at home, he said, adding that the meals will be kept in better condition and can be carried further than via the existing services that use mainly motorcycles.

Chou also said he hopes the new service will help to alleviate the economic impact of COVID-19 on the food and transportation sectors and expand the service options for taxi drivers.

Due to a surge in domestic COVID-19 infections in Taiwan, the city governments in Taipei and New Taipei have banned all on-site dining for the time being, as most of the cases are in those two municipalities.

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