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Japanese director praises Taiwan team in upcoming Netflix anime series

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Director Yasuhiro Irie. Photo courtesy of Netflix
Taipei, May 23 (CNA) Yasuhiro Irie, director of the upcoming Netflix Original anime series "Eden," described the skills of Taiwan's computer animation team as "amazing" during a recent online interview.

"Taiwan is highly skillful in computer-generated imagery (CGI). The movement of humans and robots, and the presentation of combat scenes in the anime just amazed me," Irie said during a joint videoconferencing interview with Taiwanese media on Friday.

He was answering media questions on his appraisal of the work of CGCG Inc., a Taiwanese CGI production service provider responsible for the 3D animation in Eden.

The Japanese director said the graphics that CGCG created continued to improve every episode and the company simply made him feel that he needed to work harder every day.

He also said he was impressed with the ability of CGCG to create graphics that he wanted after just one discussion.

"During the production, if I told them what elements should be added in one episode, those elements appeared in the next episode without me needing to remind them," he added.

CGCG was established in 1988 and has participated in many international projects, such as Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Dragons: Race to the Edge and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Ahowgu Peng, CGCG's animation director, said his team made a lot of effort in project details, such as the shape of characters' eyes, the angle of their mouths etc. as he knows that Japanese people are very particular about such little details.

Peng revealed that sometimes Irie "drew his thoughts," making communication between them more effective and efficient. He added that these drawings have now become part of his "precious collection."

Eden, an anime series composed of four 22-minute episodes, was produced by Netflix with multinational teams from Japan, Taiwan, the United States and China. It is scheduled to premiere on May 27, after a long delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The story is about how two robots find and raise a human baby girl secretly in a Robotic Utopia named "Eden 3," which sees humans as harmful, and uncover the truth behind the world in which they live.

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