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President Tsai receives John McCain Prize from Halifax International Security Forum

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President Tsai receives John McCain Prize from Halifax International Security Forum

On May 4, President Tsai Ing-wen was announced as this year's winner of the John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service by the Halifax International Security Forum. Presidential Office Spokesperson Xavier Chang (張惇涵) said that President Tsai is honored to accept this award as a recognition not of her own accomplishments, but of those of all the people of Taiwan. The president emphasized that Taiwan has established itself in the world as a model of democracy and freedom, and that our success in containing the ongoing pandemic proves that a united Taiwan can be a force for good in the international community.

Spokesperson Chang noted that the late US Senator John McCain fought for democracy and freedom throughout his life, and sought tirelessly to enhance Taiwan's security. This prize commemorates his unwavering pursuit of freedom, equality, opportunity, and democratic values, and President Tsai's receipt of the award is an affirmation of the Taiwanese people's success both in protecting our democratic institutions and in using those institutions to contain the pandemic. The Presidential Office thanks the Halifax International Security Forum, and is sincerely grateful to all our friends throughout the international community for their staunch support for Taiwan.

Spokesperson Chang emphasized that as the pandemic continues to present serious challenges both at home and abroad, our administration will keep working to contain the spread of COVID-19, defend Taiwan's democracy, deepen our partnerships with like-minded countries that share our values of democracy, freedom, and human rights, and maximize our contributions to democracy and freedom around the world in order to make Taiwan an international force for good. 

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