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Jinrui Flood Management Park: Hidden Gem of Neihu District

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Jinrui Flood Management Park.(Picture taken from Taipei City Government)
Looking for a place to visit during the weekend? The Hydraulic Engineering Office recommends dropping by the Jinrui Flood Management Park in Neihu District. The outdoor destination is an ideal place for a leisure walk. It also happens to be the first dragonfly theme park facility in Taipei.

Construction of the Jinrui Flood Management Park was completed in 2015. It is located at the end of Lane 348 of Neihu Road Section 3. The facility utilizes the natural valley surrounding to function as a retarding basin – an effective buffer against possible flashfloods and mudslides, as well as playing a key role in reducing stormflow volume.

The facility is also the first dragonfly theme park facility in Taipei. Park personnel conduct survey of local plants and wildlife on a regular basis. The results indicate that a large diversity exist among the population of birds, butterflies, and dragonflies in the vicinity. Over 61 types of dragonflies have been spotted at the park, which accounts for nearly one-third of the dragonfly species in Taiwan. Lucky visitors might catch a glimpse of red-crested Eurasian moorhens and white-breasted waterhens.

The park is also the recipient of numerous honors including the 2015 Construction Beautification and Landscape Award, the 2016 Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Award, and the 2021 Taiwan Landscape Architecture Award.

To reach the Jinrui Flood Management Park via public transportation, visitors can choose among several buses located right outside Exit 2 of MRT Neihu Station. These include: 222, 247, 521, 551, 552, 553, 679, and BL27. Disembark at Jinlong Temple stop, and the park is roughly 500 meters away.

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