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Tainan installation work wins U.S. lighting award

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Blessings from the Whale. CNA photo on Feb. 22

Tainan, Feb. 22 (CNA) An installation art work located near Anping Harbor in Tainan was recently honored for its lighting design by the LIT Lighting Design Awards, the city's Tourism Bureau said Monday.

The work, "Blessings from the Whale" created by Taiwanese artist Yang Shih-yi (楊士毅) in 2018, received an honorable mention at the awards, its third major honor after garnering a Taiwan Landscape Award in 2019 and an IESA American International Lighting Design Award in 2020.

The 23-meter long, 11.5-meter wide, 11.6-meter high whale-shaped work, set with 448 pieces of colorful glaze-fired glass, was installed on Big Fish Square under the Anyi Bridge at Anping Fishing Port to promote boat tours of the Anping Yunhe canal.

Brightly lit up at night, it has become a major tourist draw in its own right, however, since it first appeared in the port in January 2019, said Tainan Tourism Bureau Director-General Kuo Chen-hui.

Art Light Design Consultants, which designed "Blessings from the Whale," said it put all of its imagination and its feelings for the land into the work and compared Taiwan to a beautiful big fish.

"It swims so quietly and gracefully in the ocean, providing a peaceful shelter to its people," the company said.

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