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2020 GOLDEN HORSE/President Tsai invites people to go to the cinemas

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Taipei, Nov. 22 (CNA) President Tsai Ing-wen delivered her congratulations to the winners of the 57 Golden Horse Awards following the end of the film awards ceremony in Taipei on Saturday, and invited people to go to the cinemas to show their support for film industry workers.

Tsai wrote on her Facebook page that "a pandemic changed the world, but what remains unchanged is film workers' passion to create."

She congratulated veteran Taiwanese actress Chen Shu-fang on her winning both the best leading actress and best supporting actress awards this year.

The Golden Horse Awards, established in 1962, are considered one of the most prestigious and time-honored awards in the world of Chinese language films.

On her post, the president wrote that through the awards, she has seen many remarkable film workers' lifetime devotion (to the film making sector).

No matter what kind of workers they are -- electricity technicians, directors or actors -- their professionalism, shown in the pledge that they will play any role no matter if it's merely one line or one play, is "admirable," Tsai said.

"Have you gone to the cinema so far this year?" Tsai asked, saying movies always carry people's dreams in the hardest times.

She said going to the cinema is the best way to support film industry workers.

Tsai further wished "all those who love to daydream" to have their dreams come true.

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