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The Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce of North America (TJCCNA) Sharing Tips on Buying Properties
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Weil Wu introduced the beautiful and grand architectural works in Chicago and the futuristic green building concept.
The speakers at the forum held by the TJCCNA included (from left to right) Danny Chen, Weil Wu, Paul Yang, William Wei, and Jenny Chien.

The Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce of North America (TJCCNA) invited a number of real estate professionals across North American to speak at an online real estate forum on May 30. Topics of the forum were on the real estate trends under the influence of the pandemic, including the markets from the east coast to the west coast of the United States, property management, contractor licensing, and real estate trends in business property and principal residence. Speakers were Paul Yang, Vice President of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Orange County (TCCOC), Danny Chen, President of the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Orange County (TJCCOC), Jenny Chien, President of the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce of Greater Orlando (TJCCGO), Weil Wu, and William Wei.

Real estate is meant for people to enjoy an excellent and comfortable living environment,” said Paul Yang and William Wei, both residing in California, who pointed out that California has sunshine and other geographical and climate advantages. California’s real estate market remains stable even during the pandemic, according to housing market analyses. Because of demand for real estate, the real estate transaction price has not dropped significantly. Moreover, the interest rate of loans is extremely low and the current economic structure is still sound. Yang and Wei therefore still hold a positive and optimistic attitude towards the future real estate market.

Weil Wu, speaking from Chicago, introduced the beautiful and grand architectural works in Chicago and explained the futuristic green building concept which saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. Jenny Chien, speaking from Orlando, shared her ideas on property management and real estate leasing, advising everyone to be careful when selecting and working with property management companies and avoid real estate investment risks by paying for the assistance of professional teams.

Although the pandemic has caused fluctuations in the real estate market, it may have also brought real estate opportunities. The pandemic has made working from home a new trend, and as people stay home for a longer time, they want more for their houses. The need for more spacious and quieter houses has created another wave of demand for housing. The TJCCNA organized this online forum to help overseas compatriots know more about real estate transactions and management. Yao Yao, President of the TJCCNA, thanked everyone for their participation. Around 90 compatriots joined the forum and they all benefited a great deal from the practicality of the talks. They also expressed their gratitude to Junior Chambers of Commerce for the hearty service. 

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