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Welcome to join “2020 Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth (Distance Learning)”
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Organized by the Overseas Community  Affairs Council (OCAC) and co-organized by the Chinese Language Center of Tamkang University, Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth (Distance Learning) provides overseas youth from all over the world a platform to learn Mandarin during the epidemic of COVID-19.

Although the world is currently affected by the COVID-19, OCAC hopes that through the online Language Study Program, students from all over the world will still have the opportunity to keep learning Mandarin despite the time difference and distance. Also, through cultural curriculums, students will have a chance to know the culture and scenery of Taiwan.

The co-organizer, Chinese Language Center of Tamkang University, not only has many years of Chinese teaching experience but also has a strong faculty and administrative team. Professional Chinese teachers and teaching assistants will accompany students throughout the 6-weeks online learning program.

The 6-weeks program contains a 36-hours simultaneous online Chinese language teaching course and traditional cultural lectures such as calligraphy, paper cutting, and online museum guides. In addition, there will be live broadcast of unique tour routes of Taipei city so that students can learn more about Taiwanese culture.

The course is divided into two batches, and the first is from August 10 to September 18, 2020; the second is from September 21 to October 30, 2020, and the registration fee will be fully covered by OCAC. Registration for this course will be accepted from now on, and the application form can be sent by post or e-mail, or turn in at the nearest overseas units or educational service centers. 

Please visit our website on and contact our overseas representative offices or culture centers for further details.

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