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Malaysian Middle School Principals and Teachers Visited Taiwan for Exchange
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On December 2nd, the delegation led by Dato Ting Siew Haw visited the Oversea Community Affairs Council (OCAC) where it was received by OCAC Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu(middle, front row).

In order to obtain an understanding of the further study policy and educational environment for Malaysian compatriot students in Taiwan, Dato Ting Siew Haw, the Federation of Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities, Malaysia, led a delegation made up of 30 people, including principals and further study tutors of SMJK/SMK Schools in Malaysia, on a visit to Taiwan December 1st -7th. On December 2nd, the group visited the Oversea Community Affairs Council (OCAC) where it was received by OCAC Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu. The two sides engaged in in-depth exchanged on Taiwan’s current policy for overseas compatriot students.

Leu stated that the overseas compatriot student policy of the R.O.C (Taiwan) has been implemented for more than 60 years and has nurtured numerous outstanding young overseas compatriots; for example, famous Hong Kong Singer Emile Chou and Midi Z from Myanmar, and others, studied in Taiwan. Because of the openness and diversity of education in Taiwan, talent can bring personal orientation into play and, as a result, students don’t just develop academically, they can also explore the arts.

Leu emphasized that the area of vocational education is also one of Taiwan’s strengths; both the 3+4 Vocational Education Program for Overseas Compatriot Students and the Overseas Youth Vocational Training Program (OYVTP) allow overseas compatriot students to become technical talent and go on to plan a successful career. He hopes that, when the teachers return home, they will encourage overseas compatriot students to come to Taiwan for further study and also encourage young-generation Taiwan alumni to join recommending units or Taiwan alumni associations in Malaysia.

Dato Ting Siew Haw said that, independent Chinese language schools in Malaysia are grateful to the OCAC for decades of guidance and assistance and have great affection for the R.O.C.(Taiwan). He strongly affirmed Taiwan’s achievements in terms of refined agriculture and technical training and other areas of vocational education. He hopes that, after returning home, the teachers in attendance can use what they see and hear in Taiwan to guide overseas compatriot students in Malaysia study a subject that matches their aptitude and put themselves on the road to a successful life.

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