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Taiwanese traditional orchestra to hold floral-themed concert
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Photo courtesy of CNA
Taipei, Sept. 11 (CNA) Taiwan's National Chinese Orchestra will hold a concert Friday to showcase the beauty of the country through music by performing a selection of traditional music that carries the theme of flowers.

Liu Li-chen , the orchestra's general director, told CNA that five floral-themed pieces will be heard at the 90-minute concert titled "Drowning in Flowers," which will be held at the National Concert Hall in Taipei on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Some of the pieces that will be performed include "The Flowering Suite" and "Taiwanese Flowers," composed by Wang I-yu  , the orchestra's artistic manager.

"My original concept for 'The Flowering Suite' sparked from thinking about a flower that had five petals, which led me to imagine that I had five flowers. From the flowers I began to form the five sections of the musical piece," he said.

In the first section, the music aims to feature the dandelion with a strict cord structure to portray the image of the flower bobbing in the wind, while the linear rhythm expresses the flight path of the flower's seeds floating to an unknown destination.

The second section features the hyacinth, using quick clusters to convey the sense of endless fields of rich colorful flowers, while the third section expresses the houseleek by incorporating a slow and mellow southern Chinese music style.

The Chinese hibiscus is expressed in the fourth section by a traditional warm and heavy undertone that falls into a structured rhythm to give the imagery of flowers basking in the sun after rainfall, according to a statement issued by the orchestra.

The last section makes a transition into dense, thick musical layers to portray wind, while the bass is used to represent freedom and light. The fifth section aims to leave the listener with a deep impression of the iris, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, "Taiwanese Flowers" carries the theme of flowers and accompanies a soprano singer, Wang told CNA.

The piece will be sung in the Hokkien dialect by soprano Jeannie Voce , who was nominated for an award in the Artistic and Traditional Music Categories at the 19th Golden Melody Awards, according to the statement.
Other music pieces that will be performed are "Silvergrass Fantasia" by renowned composer Lu Liang-hui  , "Cotton Trees in Bloom" by Lee Che-yi  , and "Taiwan in Bloom" by Lee Chia-ying .

"In addition to celebrating Taiwan's beauty, we hope that the concert can promote traditional music by performing music that includes diverse cultural elements," Liu said. 

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