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2019 OCAC Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth-Thailand Program officially kicks off
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The opening ceremony for the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) 2019 Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth-Thailand Program was held at the Linkou campus of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) on the morning of March 27. Deputy Director of the OCAC Department of Students Affairs, Lin Hung-ying, and Deputy Dean of NTNU’s School of Continuing Education, Lin Chen-hsing, attended and addressed the students. This term has 128 students from Thailand. The program features not only solid Chinese language teaching, but also variety of cultural courses and visits to places across Taiwan to allow participants to see various aspects of Taiwan. 
OCAC Department of Student Affairs Deputy Director Lin Hong-ying gave a welcome speech.
Deputy Director Lin Hong-Ying pictured together with all the students.