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Music beyond Borders-Students from Malaysia Enjoyed Culture Exchanges in Taiwan
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Yong Peng High School and Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School Concert Band made a successful cultural exchanges through music
Yong Peng High School students visited OCAC on Dec.6th, 2017.(The Deputy Director of the Department of Education Affairs Ji-Rong, Lin(fifth from left in front row). Group Leader Guo-Gu, Zheng(fourth from left in front row)
Music beyond borders. On the night of Dec. 7th, there was a special concert given by Malaysian students from Yong Peng High School. After their performance, the applause was like thunder. Following the first stop in Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School, Malaysian students had four music and cultural exchanges tour in total around Taiwan, including Yilan, Hualien and Taichung. 

Before they launched the tour around Taiwan, students from Yong Peng High School had first visited the OCAC, expressing their appreciation for the OCAC's support to achieve this cultural exchange. The Deputy Director of the Department of Education Affairs Ji-Rong Lin indicated that students from Malaysia have good Chinese language ability and they also have strong interests in studying at universities in Taiwan. The Deputy director encouraged students to study in Taiwan or to participate in Overseas Youth Vocational Training School, which will enrich their life experiences, make them think big and create promising futures.