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2017 "OCAC's Date with Staff of Overseas Compatriot Students Associations"
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Department of Students Affairs Director-General Vicky Chuang hosted the activities.
The event enhanced Overseas Compatriot Students Associations' interaction with OCAC.
In order to strengthen contact and exchange with regional overseas compatriot students associations, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) conducted the "OCAC's Date with Overseas Compatriot Students Associations Staff" on November 17, 22 and 29. The engagement was hosted by Department of Students Affairs Director-General Vicky Chuang. A total of 51 students from 6 regional organizations advised by the OCAC attended the event, including: Sabah Overseas Students Association in Taiwan, Federation of Hong Kong and Macao Students in Taiwan R.O.C., Malaysian Student Association in Taiwan, Myanmar Overseas Chinese Student Association, Sarawak Students’ Association in Taiwan, and Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia di Taiwan.

Through face-to-face exchanges during the event, we learned about the operations of the overseas students associations, provided a chance for the students to observe and learn from each other, and enhanced their interaction with OCAC. The OCAC also took this opportunity to understand and resolve various problems that the students and organizations are currently facing, to assist in the smooth development of club events, and also to help the overseas students to be more successful in their pursuit of education in Taiwan. At the end, OCAC Deputy Minister Chiu-Chin Tien took a group photo with the students associations' staff members.

Regional overseas compatriot students associations frequently coordinate diverse activities to serve students from their hometown. Through this event, the enthusiasm, vitality and positive attitude of the young people was also brought to the OCAC!