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A group from the Taiwanese Junior Business Association New Zealand visits the Company 3D Mind
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The Taiwanese Junior Business Association New Zealand (TJBANZ) arranged a visit to the company 3D Mind on October 18. The visiting group heard about the splendid journey of instructors Mick Ou and Chloe, who have many years of 3D technology and teaching professional experience, as they created their beautiful kingdom.

During the visit, Mick and Chloe shared the mental journey they undertook when starting and building their business, explaining how they used their expertise to give abandoned space new life as they designed the framework step by step. In the difficult process of starting their business, due to shortage of funds, they had to handle location selection, securing of funds, interior design etc. by themselves. In the office and classroom, display racks and decorations can be seen all around, showing many excellent 3D printed works they have created. 

Their original intention in starting 3D Mind was to allow more people to learn 3D printing practical computer design. Through interaction with customers, they gradually adjusted their operating ideas and direction to meet market demand. Mick explained how 3D printing technology is now widely used in every aspect of life and the process of how 3D printing products go from computer design, mold building, and testing to mass production of the finished product. With the boldness and vision, they have shown setting up and running the company, it is sure 3D Mind has a bright future.

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Group members hear about 3D technology and production process
Group members photographed with their instructors
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