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FASCA Vancouver Leads Energetic Flag-Raising at New Year Celebration

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Dedicated to service in the overseas Taiwanese community, the FASCA Vancouver Chapter proudly raised the flag of R.O.C. Taiwan at the New Year celebration. Their early arrival and practiced steps showcased their patriotic spirit. But FASCA's impact goes beyond mere ceremony. They actively foster young Taiwanese Canadians' cultural identity through community engagement, strengthening understanding and amplifying Taiwan's voice on the global stage.
FASCA's offerings extend beyond community service. The FASCA program includes showcasing cultural workshops, learning Mandarin, and exchanging cultural values that ignite a passion for heritage and empower young ambassadors. On the world stage, FASCA's bridge-building role is vital, ensuring the flame of cultural pride burns brightly for generations to come.

The FASCA-Vancouver flag team entered the venue in high spirits.

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