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Festive Fun as FASCA-SD Celebrates Winter Solstice

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On December 9th, the FASCA San Diego Chapter and a local Chinese school teamed up for a delightful Winter Solstice cultural experience. Sixteen youth ambassadors delved into the wisdom of the twenty-four solar terms, savoring not only knowledge but also the fun of making handmade glutinous rice balls – a timeless tradition symbolizing longevity and good fortune.

This event held special meaning for FASCA-SD, a newly established chapter. Immersing themselves in this rich cultural heritage allowed them to connect with their roots and embrace the local spirit. The hands-on glutinous rice ball making session was reversed from tradition to creativity. Members conceived unique fillings and flavors, adding a modern twist to this traditional treat.

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) hopes this event is just the beginning. They envision FASCA-SD members sharing their newfound understanding and creativity with the broader community, spreading the warmth and wonder of Taiwanese cultures. After all, sharing a delicous food is the easiest way to make friends.  

FASCA members in San Diego serving everyone to taste the winter solstice glutinous rice balls.

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