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WTCCJC Hosts Overseas and Domestic Youth Entrepreneur Forum; Deputy Minister Ruan Encourages Cultivating a Legacy Culture for the Sustainable Development of Compatriot Affairs

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The World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (WTCCJC) held the Overseas and Domestic Youth Entrepreneur Forum on September 20, inviting several youth members and guests to participate. OCAC Deputy Minister Jhao-Syong Ruan was among the esteemed guests. In his remarks, he encouraged the young entrepreneurs to showcase creativity and foster a culture of legacy. Such an attitude guarantees the sustainable operation and robust development of both overseas compatriot communities and commercial chambers. 

Deputy Minister Ruan began by extending his greetings to WTCCJC President Wei-Han Yu in attendance. He emphasized the importance of this forum, highlighting its role in fostering a strong interactive relationship between overseas entrepreneurs and the younger generation, as well as facilitating meaningful exchanges among young entrepreneurs both domestically and internationally. The dynamic spirit of the overseas youth community, vital for the overseas compatriot affairs, serves as the backbone supporting the sustainable growth of overseas compatriot business groups and community organizations.

Deputy Minister Ruan also pointed out that the government's various diplomatic efforts rely on the collective involvement and unity of the overseas compatriot and business community. For example, the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce in Canada has consistently aided in advocating for Taiwan's participation in the CPTPP. Thanks to the combined endeavors of the overseas compatriot business community, Taiwan has gained global recognition.

The forum that evening focused on "Sustainable Business Management" and "Taiwanese-French Cultural Exchange", inviting entrepreneurs and youth members to exchange ideas. Deputy Minister Ruan also engaged in productive discussions with the guests, fostering a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere.
Group photo of the participants.
OCAC Deputy Minister Ruan delivered the opening remarks.
Youth entrepreneurs, both domestic and international, exchanged ideas in a lively atmosphere.

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