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2017 Southeast Asia Compatriot Youth Study Program Northern Thailand Team
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Visiting Taichung National Museum of Natural Science
Visiting a heavy motorcycle repair and maintenance workshop
Visiting Vehicle Practice And Operation Center
Experiencing drink modulation course
Experiencing puppet making
Experiencing a hairstyling course
   With great excitement and enthusiasm, a group of 36 lively students from Northern Thailand were in Taiwan to take part in 2017 Southeast Asia Compatriot Youth Study Program Northern Thailand Team from October 8 to 21. The program was organized by Overseas Community Affairs Council and co-organized by the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts. During their stay, they learned about and experienced Taiwan’s excellent higher education and vocational education environment, teachers and courses. 

    The students from Northern Thailand went to five universities including Ming Chuan University and Taoyuan Cheng Kung Vocational School to experience vocational courses and tour the campuses. The students were impressed with auto repair, hairstyling, coffee and drink making, fashion shows, animation production and culture-based creative product design, and had a lot of fun in hand-on learning. They also visited the National Palace Museum, National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taichung Gaomei Wetland, saw the Queen’s Head and other strange rocks at Yeliu Geo Park, went to Taipei 101 and Shilin Night Market, experiencing Taiwan’s nature, lifestyle, good food and pop fashion.

    The interesting and lively content of the courses encouraged the students to learn more. At the completion ceremony for the program, they eagerly took to the stage to demonstrate what they had learned amidst much laughter and excitement. They thanked the organizer and co-organizer. Many of the students said they are interested to study in Taiwan in the future. It is certain that the seed of hope in terms of the future higher education road and life dreams has planted in the hearts of the students from Northern Thailand.