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The OCAC Assists Domestic Universities and Civil Society Organizations in Volunteer Service Program in Southeast Asia in 2018.
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The Achievements of the Literary and Art Camp Was Brilliantly Displayed, and Tai-Thai Culture Night Was Successfully Concluded.

This Summer, the 2018 International Youth Volunteer Service Taiwan Culture Visiting Group of the Kaohsiung Game-Show Production Association went to Zhongxing Middle School in Chiang Rai Piao Phrai in northern Thailand, with the assistance of the Overseas Community Affairs Council. To promote traditional culture and show the brilliant results of the literary and art camp, the volunteer students and the students of Zhongxing Middle School jointly organized the 2018 Taiwan-Thailand Culture Night, and the inspiring performances filled the entire valley with sound!
The event has closed and the lights have dimmed, yet the students know that this is not the end, but the beginning of a bountiful harvest of exchange and growth.
2018 Taiwan-Thailand Culture Night
2018 Taiwan-Thailand Culture Night
2018 Taiwan-Thailand Culture Night