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National Day Culture Goodwill Mission-Europe Troupe performs with great success. in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany, letting the world see Taiwan
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The National Day Culture Goodwill Mission-Europe Troupe comprising of The Chairman, Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe, Emily Kuan and Kimmy Lin performed in five cities in four countries, namely Manchester, UK, Paris, France, Zurich, Switzerland, Munich and Berlin, Germany, from September 8th to 17th, and received a warm and enthusiastic response every time.

In the UK, the Troupe’s performance was combined with 2018 Passport to Taiwan Festival in Manchester, a large scale event held in Albert Square that attracted not only a large number of overseas compatriots, it was also attended by many prominent and ordinary local people; although drizzle fell, the crowd’s enthusiasm was not dampened, people holding umbrellas as their eyes remained locked on the performers, who did their best and put on an impressive show;  the Paris performance was the first by a Culture Goodwill Mission troupe for six years; the venue, D’ejazet theater, was packed with people; as for Zurich, it is more than 20 years since the last performance by a Culture Goodwill Mission troupe; there was not a spare seat in the house on the day, with almost half the audience made up of local people. The show was a successful people’s diplomacy event; the last stop on the tour was Germany, where performances were staged in two cities, Munich and Berlin. The Culture Goodwill Mission’s five European tour performances attracted 5,100 people in all; every show also featured the participation of youth volunteers, helping everything go smoothly. The well-received Culture Goodwill Mission European tour let the world see Taiwan’s beauty and splendor!

The Culture Goodwill Mission successfully completed its European tour
The Europe Troupe’s performance in the UK was combined with the grand Manchester Passport to Taiwan Festival held in the city’s Albert Square in front of Manchester Town Hall