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2018 Overseas Compatriot Youth Taiwan Culture Study Program held from August 12 to 25
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To increase the Taiwanese language ability of overseas compatriots youth and to provide them with an understanding of traditional Taiwan culture as well as Taiwan’s construction and development, the Overseas Community Affairs Council, Republic of China(Taiwan) held the 2018 Compatriot Youth Taiwan Culture Study Program, undertaken by National Taichung University of Education, from 12th August to 25thAugust,2018. The Program offered students multiple perspectives on Taiwanese language, Taiwanese culture, the history of Taiwan and also Taiwanese literature. 
    Besides, participants joined us to explore the culture essence of Taiwan, the visits including the Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center (Pingtung), National Museum of Taiwan Literature (Tainan), Central Taiwan Science Park (Taichung), New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum and Dadaocheng (Taipei),etc. These one-off special interest adventures gave the ove
rseas compatriots youth an understanding of history Taiwan and appreciation of the beauty of its culture and made their summer unforgettable!
2018 Compatriot Youth Taiwan Culture Study Program closing ceremony was held at the Overseas Community Affairs Council