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Financial Management Tips Extensively Shared During Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce Workshops
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Hubert Su, keynote speaker (center in front row), Hung-Wei Ou (third individual from the right in front row), staff of TYCCN and participants in a photo
"Tyccne - Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce of New England" hosted a seminar on "Financial Management Hacks" at Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston on September 24. The seminar was graced by Hubert Su, chairman of Brookline Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, who imparted his knowhow to youth participants on effective, doable financial planning by-stage. The event attracted more than 40 attendees. 
Su reminded youth hopefuls to learn to make budgets and identify goals for their lives when making finance management plans, recognizing what constitutes necessary spending, what isn't "wants", plus putting aside savings for rainy days, and money for debt management. 
Also, "insurance" constitutes a crucial link for life in America. Su reminded job-seekers to read the fine print in the company's offer letter when switching professional gears, because insurance and tax consists of 40% of one's income. In conclusion, Su encouraged youth attendees to network as much as possible, get acquainted with those who have been around the market, save money as much as possible to reach one's basic goal, so that the first foothold on a life of financial fulfillment is ensured. 
"Financial Management Hacks" is one of the seminars in the "Life Navigator" series. Attendees stayed to talk with speakers and exchange opinions with fellow participants, putting what they just learned to good use. TYCCNE would continue to host various useful workshops and welcome interested participants to stop by. Give TYCCNE's Facebook a "like" get stay tuned!
Source:The Epoch Times