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Oversea Compatriot Young Entrepreneurs Gather in Taichung OCAC Minister Wu Hsin-hsing Encourages Them to Jointly Create Business Opportunities
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The WTCCJC held the Global Taiwanese Young Entrepreneurs Forum and Elite Member Recruitment, attended by almost 100 Junior Chapter members
The WTCCJC held the Global Taiwanese Young Entrepreneurs Forum and Elite Member Recruitment. OCAC Minister Wu (5th from left front row) attended and gave a speech and was photographed together with Kico Lin, President of the WTCC (6th from left, front row,) Junior Chapter members and startup representatives.
The World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (WTCCJC) held the Global Taiwanese Young Entrepreneurs Forum and Elite Member Recruitment at The Lin Hotel Taichung on July 15, 2018. As part of the event, the OCAC arranged a startup business opportunity matching meeting at which OCAC Minister Wu said that he was very pleased to see overseas compatriot entrepreneurs and domestic startups together and stated that the OCAC will continue to use its extensive compatriot affairs contact network to hold programs for overseas compatriots, large scale meetings by overseas compatriot groups and other events to help startups expand their international channels and business opportunities. In order to satisfy the desire for change of the young entrepreneurs, on the day representatives from 11 electronics, information, logistics, e-commerce, biomedicine, environmental protection, green energy, culture-based creativity and leisure startups in Taiwan were invited to attend and give a presentation; during lunch, a business opportunity matching meeting was held involving almost 100 overseas compatriot young entrepreneurs and this will build an exchange platform for the young entrepreneurs and the domestic startups.  
Kico Lin, President of the WTCC, Chiang Wen-Chou, President of the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (ASTCC), Felisa Sung, President of the WTCCJC, and Pocky Hsiao, President of the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (ASTCCJC) were in attendance. As well as giving thanks to the overseas compatriot young entrepreneurs in attendance they called on them to make use of the contacts they had made during this event to allow Taiwan’s economy to maintain its momentum overseas, promoting industrial transformation and continuing vitality. 
To enhance government support for startups, the OCAC uses its overseas contacts to assist domestic startups expand their international market. The OCAC has so far held three Explanatory Meetings to Assist Domestic Startups Expand Overseas Business Opportunities this year and has arranged for 640 representatives of overseas compatriot and Taiwanese businesses in various types of program and in the business opportunity matching meeting held in the 2018 Commissioners’ Conference of the OCAC to visit 74 companies in Taiwan and engage in business opportunity exchange discussions with 199 companies.