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Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneurs Visit Taiwan OCAC Arranges Matching Event to Promote Investment in Startups in Taiwan
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OCAC Deputy Minister Kao pictured with Program participants
OCAC Deputy Minister Kao presenting a gift to Program Leader Felisa Sung
31 overseas compatriot young entrepreneurs visited Taiwan as part of the 2018 Startup Program for Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneurs. On July 13, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) arranged a startup business opportunity exchange meeting for the visiting group that was attended by 15 companies. OCAC Deputy Minister Kao Chien-Chih hosted a discussion meeting that was also attended by Wong Shu-hwa, Director General, Department of Business Affairs, OCAC. 
OCAC Deputy Minister Kao expressed the hope that overseas compatriot young entrepreneurs can engage in close exchange and cooperation with Taiwan’s startups and help them develop business opportunities and go out into the international market. The government is currently promoting investment in Taiwan and encouraging startups to expand overseas and the OCAC will thus continue to hold startup business opportunity matching meetings with the aim of using the power of overseas compatriot and Taiwanese businesses to boost domestic startups. He said he was very pleased to see the enthusiastic exchange between the young entrepreneurs and company representatives at the business opportunity matching meeting and encouraged the young entrepreneurs and companies to keep in close contact and to explore cooperation opportunities, to build a platform for exchange and cooperation between overseas compatriot young entrepreneurs and domestic startups to help related domestic industries expand overseas channels and business opportunities. 
Program Leader Felisa Sung said that all Program participants gained a lot from their visit to Taiwan and, through visits to government agencies, enterprises and the young entrepreneur forum, gained a good understanding of domestic economic policies and learned new business management strategies; the biggest gain she said, however, was that the participants had gone from being strangers to knowing each other well and  had shared their business management ideas during this visit and built a platform for future exchange and cooperation.
Deputy Minister Kao also said that the government of Taiwan attaches great importance to nurturing young talent and so hopes that, after returning to their places of residence, the young entrepreneurs can interact closely with local Taiwan chambers of commerce to build a platform for cooperation, jointly handle generation to generation succession and expand the power of overseas compatriot and Taiwanese businesses globally.