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2016 Workshop for Youth of Overseas Compatriot Chambers of Commerce by OCAC
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In a move to promote the New Southbound Policy per the government's diplomatic and trade strategies, and strengthen Taiwan's relationship with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), OCAC hosted the 2016 Workshop for Youth of Overseas Compatriot Chambers of Commerce, which was graced by 17 youth Taiwanese businessmen living in Malaysia,Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam for this 5-day, 4-night tour. A closing ceremony was held on November 18 at Jean Hwa Restaurant, hosted by OCAC Vice Minister Yuan-Rong Leu. Representatives from the Department of Overseas Compatriot Business Service, Department of Overseas Compatriot Network Services, Department of Overseas Chinese Education, and Department of Overseas Compatriot Student Counseling. 
During the ceremony, Minister Wu Hsin-Hsing encouraged attendees to apply what they learned during the workshop to their own startup management in the communities they live in and assist with local business upgrades, in addition to heightening their understanding of government's expat policies. In doing so, they would facilitate business and industrial alliances between Taiwan and the countries they reside in, and create more opportunities for both. 
Vice Minister Leu, who hosted the workshop, said that to expand expats services for countries contained in the new southbound policy, the government champions "user-first, and community-minded" measures to deepen its outreach to Taiwanese expat communities in Southeast Asia with ties already established, continue the partnerships in trade, cultural affairs, investment and talent services in the region to expedite an even more favorable climate for all the development prospects, and support the government's southbound policy. 
During the five-day workshop, program attendees visited a number of representative biotechnical, biomedical establishments, cultural and creative firms, agricultural and hi-tech interests in Taiwan for exchange, and participated in themed workshops on the creative economy and agricultural development services. It is hoped that new corporate partnerships between Taiwan and the expat communities would be built to create new opportunities. 
Chang Liang-min, Chief Secretary of OCAC(center in front row) attended the opening ceremony and joined the photo with workshop attendees
Hsin-Hsing Wu ,OCAC Minister (center in front row)attended the closing ceremony  and joined attendees for a photo