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2017 Startup Workshop for Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneurs
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Yuan-Rong Leu, OCAC Vice Minister attended the opening ceremony and joined participants for a photo
OCAC Vice Minister Yuan-Rong Leu gave his remark
Business Startup Seminar
World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Honrary chairwoman Wen Yu-xia gave a brief introduction on overseas Taiwanese business organizations
Keynote speech
Participants visited an aquaponics farm in Linkou
Participants joined a photo with Mr. Chen Deng-yang, director of the farm
CEO of Gwoxi Stemcell received the participants
Participants joined the CEO of Gwoxi Stemcell
A visit to ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd
Participants met with the CEO of ANKO Food Machine Co., Ltd
Participants visited TAF Innovation Base
Participants enjoyed meeting representatives from the firms in TAF Innovation Base
Business representatives from Taiwan delivered oral presentations during business meet-and-greet
Participants met business representatives from Taiwan during meet-and-greet
Business meet-and-greet abuzz with possibilities
Minister Wu hosted the farewell dinner
Minister Wu interacting with participants
A group photo during farewell dinner
In a move to pair up young entrepreneurs from overseas with priority business projects in Taiwan, including the innovative industries, the creative economy, modern agriculture and high technology, to assist them with launching their startups or business upgrades in the places of their residence, while strengthening the advancement of overseas Taiwanese youth business organizations and mutual exchange, the OCAC hosted the first ever "Startup Workshop for Overseas Compatriot Young Entrepreneurs (2017)" between February 5 and 9 this year. The event was graced by 52 young entrepreneurs from 21 countries spanning the 6 continents.  

The opening ceremony was held on the 6th, as Yuan-Rong Leu, Vice Minister, Overseas Community Affairs Council extended a warm welcome to these overseas participants for returning to Taiwan. Mr. Leu encouraged these aspiring magnates to apply what they learned to new business ideas, or expand their business presence while leveraging their local mindsets with a global perspective to align with Taiwan's finest. Mr. Leu also urged these entrepreneurs to make great use of the business legacies created by Taiwanese industrialists overseas to support the government's effort in international trade advancement.

Wu Hsin-Hsing, Minister of Overseas Community Affairs Council, encouraged participants during the farewell dinner on the evening of February 8 to step up to the plate as the proverbial salt of the earth, serve their fellow entrepreneurs overseas, and be the voice for Taiwan in the international community. Minister Wu noted that the visit was more than just a self-improvement project; it was intended for future leadership in the overseas community, so that they could reach out to fellow diaspora on behalf of the government, manifest their professional capabilities and global perspectives in the local community to be the next-generation torchbearers. Minister Wu said that the overseas communities have long enjoyed a tradition of passing on the legacies; the parents of many participants are now respected figures in the overseas communities, committed to serving their fellow countrymen and helping the government. He encouraged the participants to inherit the mantle, and continue to serve the overseas community to be a voice for Taiwan, build greater support and new ties, so that the beautiful Formosan traditions would live on. 

The Workshop also included several visits to celebrated businesses in Taiwan, helping participants get a better insight into Taiwan's priority industrial projects, and development status of the innovative industries. A Business Startup Seminar was also held, where Taiwan's own youth businessmen shared their own experience with launching their startups, project financing, networking, and talent recruitment. Also, a business pair-up/meet-and-greet was hosted, in which companies interested in expanding their prospects overseas were invited, to support the building of new investment partnerships.