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2018 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program
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To continue enhancing the professional cultural skills of overseas compatriots to allow them to teach and promote Taiwan’s diverse cultures abroad, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) will hold the “2018 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program” from July 16th to August 1st at the Tian-mu campus of the University of Taipei.

This year, 54 participants have been recommended by the Culture Centers of TECO to attend the program. The main theme of the program focuses on traditional Taiwanese culture, including both theoretical and practical aspects. Based on the participants’ specialties, they will be divided into three groups: Folk Sports, Folk Dance, and Folk Arts. A number of courses will be provided in each of those specialties, including diabolo, shuttlecock, spinning top, jump rope, glove puppetry, shadow play, Hakka dance, and Taiwanese aboriginal dance. 

Now in its second year, the OCAC expects the Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program to help more overseas compatriots to elevate their skills in teaching, planning, and performing, and apply what they have learned from the courses to local cultural activities, such as summer camps for overseas youths, and local community activities and events overseas such as “Taiwanese American Heritage Month” and “Asian Heritage Week in Canada”, as well as enable the public at large to more deeply know and understand the beauty of Taiwan.