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Compatriot Youth from Vietnam visits vocational schools and universities in Taiwan
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Visiting Sansin High School of Commerce And Home Economics Kaohsiung
Compatriot youths Enjoying being a hairstylist for one day
The "2018 OCAC Southeast Asia Compatriot Youth Study Program" starts on June 14nd. The courses this year are specially arranged for the youths from Vietnam
to visit the following vocational schools and universities: 
•Zhuang Jing Middle School 
•Wanneng Industrial and Commercial Vocational High School
•Sansin High School of Commerce And Home Economics Kaohsiung
•Kao-Yuan Senior High School of Technology and Commerce
•Chinese Culture University
•Chung Hua University. 
During each visit, students are encouraged to have practical hands-on experiences with robotics' assembly, special effect make-up, manicure(nail beauty), mix drink preparation, and making pasta, to name a few.

During the 14 day tour, each school will introduce their programs, campus and facilities. The tour goal is to guide the students to gain a clear understanding of their desired subjects during their future study in Taiwan and furthermore to assist in finding their careers after school.  This also meets human resource demand in the government's "New Southbound Policy". 

Lastly, during the tour, there will be trips arranged to the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, Taichung Science Museum , Lanyang Museum, Yangmingshan National Park and National Center for Traditional Arts , to have a deeper understanding of local cultures.