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Global Taiwanese Young Entrepreneurs Forum & Elite Member Recruitment-Europe
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World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce Junior Chapter (WTCCJC) President Felisa Sung and Director Charles Huang attended the 2nd Board Meeting and Annual General Meeting, 24th Council of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Europe (ETCC) in Luxemburg on May 25th, 2018 on behalf of the WTCCJC and also attended the Global Taiwanese Young Entrepreneurs Forum & Elite Member Recruitment-Europe jointly held by WTCCJC and ETCC on the same day.
The latter event was attended by a large number of experienced Taiwanese business people, young entrepreneurs, officials from the governments of Taiwan and European countries, and representatives of companies. The topics discussed included business opportunities in various counties and experiences of entrepreneurship. Honorary President Lee Yao-hsiung of World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce, Honorary President Shih Chih-lung of Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (ASTCC,) and Honorary President Yu Wan-feng of Africa Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (ATCC) discussed business opportunities for Taiwanese business people in the Balkans, and experiences of setting up businesses in Spain, South Africa and Singapore etc. with young entrepreneurs.
Industry and international trade-related topics were then discussed, including: evolution of cloud infrastructure, breaking through the AI big data effectiveness boundary, brand marketing, Taiwan-Europe economic relations, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council’s overseas activities, Europe-Asia two-way market production and sales…etc. The agenda was diverse, the speakers professional and the response from participants very enthusiastic. The Forum substantively promoted business opportunity exchange between Taiwanese business people and members of the WTCCJC.

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