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OCAC sends two art troupes to tour in America and Canada from this May to celebrate Taiwanese American Heritage Week & Asian Heritage Month in Canada
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Starting from May 3rd, 2018, National Taiwan University of Sport will take the tour through 12 cities in America and Canada
Starting from May 5th, 2018, Formosa Circus Art will take the tour through 11 cities in America and Canada.
Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has invited our nation's well-known art troupes "Formosa Circus Art" and "National Taiwan University of Sport" to perform in America and Canada to celebrate Taiwanese American Heritage Week & Asian Heritage Month in Canada. The Eastern line troupe, Formosa Circus Art, prepare the work “Our Home” involving flags, martial arts, dances, handstands, rings, cubes, diabolos, pyramids, and glass orbs, and the classic songs that were popular during significant periods of time in Taiwan. As to the Western line troupe, National Taiwan University of Sport, they arrange the work “Light up Taiwan” that combines dance, singing, music, and drama that demonstrates the contemporary cultural features of Taiwan. The performers of both of the two art troupes are young people that full of creativity and enthusiasm. Through their performance, audience can feel the energy of Taiwanese youth and Taiwan's soft power of culture. It is definitely a show that can't be missed!