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Special Cultural Performance for Overseas Compatriots "Taiwan Reminiscence" Links Different Generations

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Many overseas compatriots have returned to Taiwan and stayed during the COVID-19 epidemic. At 2:30pm on December 12, 2020 (Saturday), the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) and National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (TCPA) held an arts performance featuring "Taiwan Reminiscence" at the Nanhai Theater of the National Taiwan Arts Education Center. With Taiwan's diverse culture as the base, the performance combined traditional acrobatics, dance, theater, arts formations and other performance forms, accompanied by Taiwanese, Hakka and indigenous music and Taiwan's diverse human and natural landscape; with sections including leaving home to look for opportunity, prosperous nostalgic city and bustling temple fair, the performance showed the audience various unique faces of Taiwan.
Passing on Taiwan's cultural experience through this splendid performance was intended to arouse the memories of overseas compatriots who went out into the world to strive in earlier times and spark the curiosity of the younger generation about Taiwan's culture. The aim was that this cultural feast would display the diverse charms of Taiwan's culture and its burgeoning vitality as well as express the concern of the government for overseas compatriots staying in Taiwan during the COVID-19 epidemic. The performers interacted warmly with the audience during the performance and received a standing ovation from the 300-plus overseas compatriots.

OCAC Deputy Minister Chia-Ching Hsu (center), Director-General of Department of Overseas Compatriot Education Affairs Maggie Jung (right 6), Dean of R&D Department Wang Hsuen-Yen of NTCPA (right 5), and troupe members
The splendid performance by National Taiwan College of Performing Arts (Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe)